I have been working with wonderful people for over 25 + years in their quest to purchase or sell one of the most expensive investments of their life. I'm not just an experienced Realtor with years of success & experience in New Consturction, Pre-loved Homes, Relocation and more, but have built trust, friendships, and loyalties along the way !
Growing up in North Alabama, near Muscle Shoals, I was nurtured in a small "home town" atmosphere. I carry that trait with me in working for my clients. Over the years I have been blessed with lots of re-peat business and personal referrals from my clients, their family and friends. My mottos is "Take care of the details and deliver my client safely to their goal destination as quickly and carefree as possible"
We all know that buying and selling can be very emotional and taxing. I want you to leave the "driving to me" so you can sit back and relax! Put my years of experience in negotiation wisdom, knowledge, tec skills, real estate needs analysis and so much more, to work for you. I am the Real Estate Consultant so many people come to for advise, why not you?
Contact me today to set up your personalized appointment. You will be glad you did.

Early in my career , I was awarded the top salesperson of that year. But, the award I am most proud of is Fellowship Award I was given by my peers that same year 
Over my 25 plus years of real estate service, I truly feel that God gifted me with the ability to listen, perceive, and take action in order to care for clients needs and concerns. They are NOT just a number. They don't deserve to be answered by a 'script" . They want and deserve a chance to be heard and cared for by integrity. They need an answer backed by my in-depth knowledge and experience. The truth, not just what they might want to hear, but info based on my experience that might help them avoid pitfalls on the way to their success.They deserve to be given the utmost care to deliver the best service and results possible, in the shortest amount of time. THAT is what makes Me happy !